“Chris Berger (CGI) has done more in just 2 months than we’ve been able to accomplish in 2 years.  He’s taking us to a whole new level.”

– Chairman, Global Non-Profit, Ocean Conservation

Growing Brands

CGI is a strategic powerhouse helping you grow fast and smart.  Proactive – not reactive.  We’ve supported over $2B in results for for-profit and non-profit brands, from start-up to Fortune 100.

Our clients have been recognized among the “top 100 people and organizations globally using digital technology to change the world for the better”.  They’ve also been recognized by Forbes as being among “the best companies to work for” in the U.S.

Helping brands achieve market leadership through innovative brand support from CGI is an inspiration to us.  Let us inspire you.

What's possible?

Penetrating new markets with our measurable, smart-scaled methodology.

How do we do it?

First, we build audiences.  Then we build communities.  All while monitoring, measuring and above all – engaging your targeted audience.